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CentOS の PHP は本当に安全か?


Operating system and version selection
Operating system: EL 7 (maintained until June 2024)
Wanted PHP version: 8.1.2 (active support until November 2023)
Type of installation: Default / Single version (simplest way)

Wizard answer
- CentOS 7 provides PHP version 5.4 in its official repository

yum list installed | grep php
yum remove php*

- Command to install the EPEL repository configuration package:
yum install

- Command to install the Remi repository configuration package:
yum install

- Command to install the yum-utils package (for the yum-config-manager command):
yum install yum-utils

You want a single version which means replacing base packages from the distribution

- Packages have the same name than the base repository, ie php-*

- Some common dependencies are available in remi-safe repository, which is enabled by default

- PHP version 8.1 packages are available for CentOS 7 in remi-php81 repository

- Command to enable the repository:
yum-config-manager --disable 'remi-php*'
yum-config-manager --enable remi-php81

- You can check the list of the enabled repositories:
yum repolist

- If the priorities plugin is enabled, ensure remi-php81 have higher priority (a lower value) than base and updates

- Command to upgrade (the repository only provides PHP):
yum update

- Command to install additional packages:
yum install php-xxx

- Command to install testing packages:
yum --enablerepo=remi-php81-test install php-xxx

- Command to check the installed version and available extensions:
php --version
php --modules